Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers - 10/28

Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers
Our thoughts on some possible undervalued and overvalued players...

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Chris Wells ,RB

- Nothing against Tim Hightower, but watching him over the past two years it really seems that he excels in two distinct areas- 1) running face first into a pile of defenders for two yards and 2) catching 5 yard dump-off passes. This past week, rookie Chris Wells was finally given a chance to show what he is capable of, and he finished the day with 14 carries for 67 yards and a TD. Considering that Wells accomplished this against the Giants defense, it should be considered a fairly encouraging career development for the rookie. While Tim Hightower still has the better hands to contribute on passing downs, Wells should gradually become the primary rushing option for the Cardinals.

Nate Washington/Kenny Britt ,WR

- As long as the Titan defense is going to give away points like Oprah gives away 40 inch TVs, Tennessee will need throw the ball more often than they want (Or should be allowed to). Nate Washington remains the closest thing the team has to a skillful and experienced receiver, while Kenny Britt should continue to whittle away at Justin Gage’s playing time. As far as the unstable QB situation, it shouldn’t matter much if Kerry Collins gets benched, because Vince Young really couldn’t do much worse.

Shonn Greene ,RB

- After Leon Washington’s unfortunate injury, which is very likely season-ending, rookie Shonn Greene now finds himself the number two RB option for the NY Jets. Not blessed with impressive speed, and with only one notable statistical season in college, Greene appears to be somewhat of a classic overachiever. On the positive side, Greene has great size and shows a real knack for breaking tackles and running over people. While his huge outing this past week was clearly facilitated by the blundering Oakland Raider run defense, if Greene continues to overachieve in the magnitude of anything close to 144 yards and 2 TDs, we’ll take that all day long.

LeSean McCoy ,RB

- It was a relief to see that Brian Westbrook was not seriously injured this past Monday night. Evidently, the bell on his trolley was clanged pretty hard, and now it appears that he may need to sit this week after a fairly nasty concussion. As terrific a player as Brian Westbrook has been over the past eight seasons, he has never been able to play a complete season, and with his ongoing knee/ankle issues, this year has been especially tenuous. LeSean McCoy has not looked great the past three weeks, averaging about 2.5 YPC, but he filled in competently when Westbrook missed time in week three and has enough upside to make him worth stashing on your roster for the 2nd half.

Fred Davis ,TE

- Davis was a highly-regarded TE prospect in the 2008 draft, but he played the part of a dumbfounded rookie a bit too well last season and gave himself little chance to see the field. Of course, having Chris Cooley ahead of him on the depth chart didn’t help either, but with Washington’s starting TE out for at least one month, Davis now gets his chance. He’s got great hands, deceptive speed and he’s not bad after the catch so Davis should be able to step in for Cooley as a decent fantasy contributor. Not to mention, if there is anything that the Redskin offense seems to do well, it’s the prosaic and usually innocuous 9 yard pass to the tight end.

Larry Johnson ,RB

- The Chiefs will use this week's bye to conduct a thorough and ultimately pointless investigation into Larry Johnson's Twitter ramblings, because if there is anything the NFL can't tolerate it's slandering the press with words that could be possibly construed as politically incorrect. Let's just hope Johnson didn't call anyone a 'big doodie-head', because the league will be forced to levy a hefty and proportional punishment that fits that brand of transgression. Notwithstanding the outcome of Johnson's Twitter controversy, the more relevant reason to stray away from Johnson from a fantasy perspective is his 51 yards per game, 0 TDs and 2.7 yards per carry.

Trent Edwards ,QB

- Trent Edwards is arguably a better QB than Ryan Fitzpatrick, but the sad reality is that the margin of difference is not worth calculating, and for now, Fitzpatrick has somehow used his negligible skills to pull off two victories for the Bills. While Edwards is still shaking off the effects of his recent concussion, Fitzpatrick will get yet another start this week against Houston, then the Bills have a bye, then who knows what Buffalo will decide to do. In sum, there is probably little reason to hold onto Edwards if you can use the roster spot more constructively.

Derek Anderson ,QB

- Forget about water boarding, the CIA should use game film of Derek Anderson throwing a football as part of their cruel and unusual interrogation methods when trying to get information from international terrorism suspects. Rumor has it that rookie receiver Brian Robiskie was ready to confess to the assassination of King Henry III just to get out of viewing game film this past week. While Brady Quinn wasn't doing anything special as the Browns starter, at least he cracked 150 yards in his two full starts. Anderson is averaging 121 yards per game with a passer rating of 40.6, and should be purged from fantasy rosters before he does any more damage.

Lendale White ,RB

- Unlike last year, the Tennessee haven't had a great deal of luck getting near the goalline very frequently, and this has rendered Lendale White essentially useless for fantasy purposes so far. Without the chance of easy TD plunges and with rookie Javon Ringer looking pretty good, it could be that Lendale White's only hope of using his girth in some beneficial way will be as a Salvation Army Santa this upcoming holiday season.

Ted Ginn Jr. ,WR

- Between his untimely pass dropping, and his chronic inconsistency, Ted Ginn Jr. appears to be close to playing himself out of a starting job in Miami. Moreover, since Dolphins GM Bill Parcels is not known as the patient, naturing type, it wasn't surprising to hear the rumor that Ginn was discussed as a possible trade candidate before the recent deadline. Going forward, Ginn might be good for an occasional long TD with Chad Henne at QB, but with only 5 TDs over 35 career games you might be better off waiting for the Loch Ness Monster to stop by and help remove those tree stumps in your yard you've been hoping to get around to.