Friday, November 14, 2008

Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers - 11/14

Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers
Our thoughts on some possible undervalued and overvalued players...

Updated November 14, 2008  JunkyardJake.Com

Joseph Addai ,RB

Wow, has this guy disappeared into the fantasy suck-o-sphere or what ? Colts RB Joseph Addai hasn't cracked the century-mark in rush yards since last November, and in 10 of his last 15 starts, he has committed the ultimate affront that can be perpetuated by a fantasy runningback, he has failed to break 50 rush yards in a game. So granted, Addai has let everyone down, but if Guns 'N Roses and AC/DC can pulloff successful comeback tours, why not Joseph Addai ? Over the next six weeks, the Colts play Houston, San Diego, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit and Jacksonville, so if Joseph Addai is ever going to lead the charge in an Indianapolis running game revival, it may as well be over the final stretch of the 2008 season.

Tyler Thigpen/Dwayne Bowe/Larry Johnson ,QB/WR/RB

After Tyler Thigpen's first start, which resulted in a 128 yard 3 INT calamity against the Atlanta Falcons in week 3, you just know he earned the nickname 'Toady Pigpen' by some of his more immature teammates, and that's just childish, wrong and hurtful. Well, Thigpen has certainly showed those naysayers, reversing his dreadful play earlier this season, and looking like a genuine NFL QB over the past three weeks- averaging 236 pass yards, 2 TDs, and even running for an average 20 yards per game. Thigpen's emergence is great news for Dwyane Bowe, who has been very consistent, and should remain an every week starter. Thigpen and Bowe face the suspect New Orleans in week 11, but could be especially valuable during the fantasy playoffs, when they face Denver, San Diego, and Miami, teams that all rank in the bottom 10 against fantasy QBs. Also of note on the Kansas City front, Larry Johnson is scheduled to return in week 11 and should immediately upgrade their struggling running game. Johnson still faces more possible suspension time this season, depending on the outcome of his civil silliness trial, but so long as your league doesn't deduct points for objectionable conduct, random stupidity, assault and battery and/or negligent spitting, he should be safe to use for at least a couple weeks.

Trent Edwards/Lee Evans/Marshawn Lynch ,QB/WR/RB

Yeah, of course it's been disappointing that these guys weren't able to do jack-squiggly-doo against division rivals Jets and Patriots the past two weeks, but sticking with them could pay off over the next month, when the Bills play Cleveland, Kansas City, San Francisco and then Miami. Edwards and Evans have not been alone in their ineptitude, as Marshawn Lynch has been equally awful. In fact, over the past 2 weeks, the only thing more unsightly than his Yahoo! promotional photo has been Lynch's on field performance, as he has managed a paltry total of 69 rush yards for a 2.69 yards per carry in these 2 games. The Bills upcoming opponents of Cleveland, Kansas City and San Francisco give up oodles of rush yards, so Lynch should bounce back and help make amends for his recent transgressions.

Peyton Hillis ,RB

Well, evidently the job of runningback for the Denver Broncos has recently surpassed high rise office building window washer, electrical power installer, coal miner and food taster for tyrannical Central American dictator as most dangerous occupation. With Ryan Torain, Michael Pittman and Andre Hall now out for the season, the Broncos might turn to Peyton Hillis as their lead runningback if he can get the job done. Hillis was the lead blocker for Darren McFadden and Felix Jones at Arkansas, and that looks good on anyones resume, but he is also a pretty good player in his own right. He has good speed for his size (6-1, 250 lbs), running in about the 4.6 range, good hands, and his tough, inside running could be just what Denver needs at this point. Also note that Denver has recently signed perennial disappointment Tatum Bell, and Selvin Young might become relevant if he can recover from his groin injury, but Hillis is definitely worth a shot in the short-term if you lack depth at the runningback position.

Joe Flacco/Derrick Mason/Mark Clayton ,QB/WR

There is no doubt that rookie QB Joe Flacco has one of the best arms in the league, the guy can flat out launch a pass into the next zipcode. Moreover, ever since hurling up three interceptions against the Colts in week 6, Flacco has looked much less like a clueless rookie, and produced some legitimate fantasy numbers, with a QB rating well over 100, and a 6 TDs/ 0 INT ratio since week 8. So what's the problem, shouldn't I start Flacco over Brett Favre, that bum only threw for 167 yards last week ? Well, while that doesn't sound as crazy as it sounded back in September, note that Flacco and the Ravens passing game have experienced their best games against Miami, Cleveland and Houston. These are three teams that David Carr could complete at least a couple passes against. With the Giants and Eagles coming up for Baltimore, and Derrick Mason expected to be limited with a shoulder injury this week, it's probably not a great time to plug Flacco into your lineup.

Marvin Harrison ,WR

One of the more interesting rumors that came out of last weeks Steelers/Colts game, was that Pittsburgh pretty much applied the 'AT&T Network' defense on WR Marvin Harrison, meaning that they allowed Harrison the latitude to roam the field with limited coverage. Assuming that this was the case, Harrison seemingly should have been able to produce a better game then 3 catches for 37 yards, and 2 dropped touchdowns. Marvin Harrison is one of the great receivers in NFL history, but it is becoming more apparent that Anthony Gonzalez would be the better option for the Colts passing game, and Harrison probably should not be rated any better than a #4 fantasy receiver, i.e. a replacement for someone like Kevin Walter if he is abducted by aliens.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis/Sammy Morris/LaMont Jordan ,RB

Benjarvus Green-Ellis probably gave New England their best rushing effort of the season last week, with 26 carries for 105 yards and a touchdown. The problem with the Patriots running game situation, is that Kevin Faulk seems to be the only constant as the designated 3rd down back. With Sammy Morris and/or LaMont Jordan looming in the infirmary, nobody knows exactly who will be getting the carries for New England over the next few weeks. Morris and Jordan would probably be the favorites if/when they return from injury limbo, but with upcoming games against the Jets, Dolphins and Steelers, all decent run defenses, it might be best to just steer clear of the entire mess.