Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers - 10/21

Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers
Our thoughts on some possible undervalued and overvalued players...

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Kyle Orton ,QB

- Well, let's face it, it's probably going to be impossible to figure out just who will strike Kyle Orton's fancy as he is orchestrating those tedius but effective Denver Bronco offensive drives. This week Tony Scheffler emerged from Josh McDaniels secret offensive playbook lair to cause most of the passing offense mayhem with 6 catches, 101 yards a TD. Forget about predicting when that will happen again, but for now QB Kyle Orton seems like a safe guy to throw in your lineup with the expectation he is going to connect with someone for constructive results.

James Jones/Jermichael Finley ,WR/TE

- There aren't many teams where you might consider the secondary TE and the #3 receiver, but the Packers don't represent the typical mundane passing offense when things are clicking. QB Aaron Rodgers has gradually found his groove over the past three weeks, and over the past two games against Minnesota and Detroit he has launched 37 passes. For all intents and purposes TE Jermichael Finley has surpassed Donald Lee as Green Bay's top option at TE, and James Jones gets the chance to fill in for injured Jordy Nelson over the next couple weeks. Both these guys are certainly worth a shot in deep leagues as the Packers face Cleveland, Minnesota, Tampa Bay over the next three games.

Michael Crabtree ,WR

- Yes Crabtree is the whining prima donna who was insulted by his team’s original multi -million dollar contract. Afterall, he hasn’t proven anything yet so it certainly made sense for him to holdout until he got his additional pile of money plus assorted superfluous incentive perks. Now just out of principle, if Crabtree wasn’t going to immediately start for the receiver-deprived San Francisco 49ers, he should be left on the waiver wire. However, since the rookie has apparently made an immediate good impression, and the 49ers are desperate enough to believe it will translate into game performance, he is a decent fantasy prospect to take a chance on.

Jonathan Stewart ,RB

- With the Tampa Bay defense was giving WR Steve Smith secret service coverage like he was the visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Panther running game seemed to benefit from the lack of attention. While Deangelo Williams was his typical rambunctious self, it was a pleasant surprise to see Jonathan Stewart get on track. Maybe Stewart is finally shaking his nagging achilles injury as suggested by his best fantasy performance since last December. He finshed with 17 carries for 110 yards and a TD on the day.

Mike Bell ,RB

- Pierre Thomas was the more effective runner, but Mike Bell returned from a 2 week absence to share equal carries and convert a redzone opportunity. Reggie Bush is still meandering around in a role that seemingly becomes more insignificant each week, but Bell seems like a safer bet to misappropriate some of Thomas's carries and vulture some of the ample TD opportunities that the Saints offense usually creates.

Cedric Benson ,RB

- Every player is entitled to a bad game, but 44 yards on 16 carries against the Houston Texans cupcake run defense raises a little bit of a warning flag, especially for a runningback with a notorious history of disappointments like Cedric Benson. It's probably nothing to worry about for now, as Benson has clearly excelled in his workhorse role so far this season. However with his market price at a bubble valuation and upcoming games against Chicago, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, it could make sense to test the trade market if you can pull off an upgrade.

Willis McGahee ,RB

- With Ray Rice running like Astro Boy, the Japanese anime dual jet-pack protagonist robot, and the Ravens passing game working overtime to compensate for the team's suddenly mediocre defense, there are obviously a few factors conspiring against Willis McGahee. He is certainly worth hanging onto for fantasy purposes, because he is still likely to see goalline chances, but his early season success now appears to have been disingenuous.

Randy Moss ,WR

- Yes, the Patriots offense was filthy explosive this past week, but unfortunately they will not have the luxury of facing a befuddled and snow-blinded Titans secondary every week. Not to say that Randy Moss doesn't have anymore multiple TD surprises in store for this season, but after the Patriots week 8 bye, their schedule turns a bit tougher with Miami, Indianapolis and the NY Jets on deck. Certainly if receiver is a strong position on your fantasy team, it wouldn't be crazy to leverage Moss's huge game in a trade to fill a weak spot on your roster.

Chris Chambers ,WR

- Ok, check please, if there was any doubt that Chris Chambers is past the point of fantasy consideration, yet another 30 yard performance this past week should be the clincher. It certainly is not like Phillip Rivers has boycotted the bumbling receiver from the passing game either. Chambers has gotten an average of 6 targets per game so far, but only 27% of these throws have resulted in some kind of nominally positive result.

Jake Delhomme/Muhsin Muhammad ,QB/WR

- You have to wonder if Jake Delhomme would even know what to do if he had a second viable receiver at his disposal. The whole 'try to throw it to Steve Smith no matter how many defenders are draped all over him' routine is surely growing stale, and Muhsin Muhammad is about as threatening as a Toyota Prius with 'Hello Kitty' mudflaps.