Saturday, April 25, 2009

Player Spotlights - Matt Holliday and Carlos Quentin

Matt Holliday and Carlos Quentin April 25, 2009

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OF Matt Holliday,A's, It had been stated many times going into the 2009 season - Matt Holliday might have a difficult time adapting to his new Oakland address after being traded from Colorado. With only one week remaining in April, some fantasy owners are surely wishing that they had heeded this seemingly prescient prognostication. Holliday does currently lead the A's in RBIs with 10, but the fact that he is batting just .254 with zero HRs and zero stolen bases can only be described as a serious performance malaise. So what might be the worst case scenario for Holliday this season? On one hand, there is no denying Holliday's rare talent, not many players possess the quick bat and consistent, powerful swing of the A's leftfielder. However, based on Holliday's historical performance away from his former Corrs homefield before 2009, it might be best to temper expectations down to about a .285 BA, with 20 HRs, 80 RBI and hopefully 15-20 SBs.
OF Carlos Quentin, White Sox, - After joining the White Sox in 2008, Carlos Quentin wasted no time impressing his new team, winning the left field spot in April, and going on to lead the team in homeruns, RBIs, and slugging percentage. As if his 36 homeruns and 100 RBI were not convincing enough, consider that Quentin did his damage in only 130 games, as he missed significant time after a September wrist injury. At the plate, he shows good discipline and a quick and powerful swing. He can typically crush inside fastballs, and adjusts swiftly to breaking balls. In the new 2009 season, Quentin has stormed out of the gates with 7 homeruns over the first 16 games, helping to rebuke any discussion that last season's 36 homerun explosion was a fluke. This 26 year-old emerging star will likely challenge for the league lead in HRs again this season, and has rapidly become a fantasy force.

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