Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Candy - 6/8

June 8th, 2008  JunkyardJake.Com

Pedro Feliz, Philadelphia Phillies, 3B  
There is absolutely nothing exciting about Pedro Feliz, he is sort of like your accountant friend that will show up on time every year sometime in March and does a competent job on your taxes. Same kind of thing with Feliz. You can plug him into your fantasy lineup and be somewhat confident that he will get you 20 HRs, 80 RBIs, and a BA somewhere around .260. Not exciting, but a good complementary player to round out your lineup.
Available in 53% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Cody Ross, Florida Marlins, OF  
His .217 batting average is a little frightening, but that is because he batted a pathetic .159 in April, with zero HRs. During the month of May, Ross turned it around with 10 HRs and a .280 average. Realistically, we can probably expect his average to settle in around the .260-.275 area, but his real value is in his power potential, and he will also contribute a fair amount of stolen bases. Ross is worth using in NL-Only formats for sure, and he could have mixed league appeal for as long as he is the preferred option in CF over Jacque Jones.
Available in 91% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Alexi Casilla, Minnesota Twins, 2B  
Casilla is currently on a nice little tear that has him batting .347. While that probably won't last, as long as he holds down the 2nd base job in Minnesota, he is definitely worth using for his stolen base potential. Over his minor league career, Casilla compiled a healthy 177 SBs in 396 games, so he has serious wheels. Think of him as a Juan Pierre-type .285 slap-hitter without the inflated fantasy (or actual baseball salary) price-tag.
Available in 83% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Mike Gonzalez, Atlanta Braves, RP  
The Atlanta Braves bullpen has been a virtual minefield over the first 2 months of the season and as we are patiently awaiting the next diaster, it probably wouldn't hurt to speculate on Mike Gonzalez as a possible source for saves in the 2nd half. Smoltz is obviously out of the picture with season-ending shoulder surgery, the Acosta experiment should be over, and Soriano is still injury-prone and unproven. Gonzalez is due to rejoin the Braves this week, and reportedly has his fastball back in the low 90's. Who knows, he could leverage his former closer experience into a significant role over the next month or so.
Available in 98% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

David Price, Tampa Bay Rays, SP  
The obvious disclaimer here is that Price is nowhere close to being considered for a major league callup, but he is one of those rare pitching prospects that is worth keeping track of. Price shows great location with a high 90's fastball that he complements with a nasty slider and developing changeup. If you have some vacant space on your roster after you drop John Smoltz or you are tired of waiting for Boof Bonser to get his ERA under 5.00, then Price is worth picking up and stashing away.
Available in 71% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Other Players To Consider:
Manny Parra,Milwaukee Brewers,SP  
Available in 66% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Michael Cuddyer,Minnesota Twins,OF  
Available in 76% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Fred Lewis,San Francisco,OF  
Available in 74% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Ryan Doumit,Pittsburgh Pirates,C,OF  
Available in 49% of all CBSSportsline leagues.

Scott Baker,Minnesota Twins,SP  
Available in 76% of all CBSSportsline leagues.